The role of healthcare providers has never been tested more than it has the last few years. While the technological and diagnostic tools available to clinicians expand, so do the expectations and the volume surrounding patient care.


Healthcare decisions are driven by diagnostics, but with added pressures - how do clinicians efficiently incorporate diagnostics into their practice to make their work more impactful, and to help to alleviate uncertainty instead of adding complication and costs for their practice and their patients?

Last year we launched our inaugural clinician survey in the US to better understand the pain points and perceptions of point of care (POC) and laboratory diagnostics today in clinician’s quest to provide the best in patient care.

This year we wanted to build on our initial findings which covered topics including the importance of speed, performance, simplicity, and cost for clinicians when evaluating a diagnostic solution and also look at topics including the location of testing, if clinicians feel there will be growth in non-traditional testing environments, and who is actually benefiting the most from POCT.

This year we also surveyed UK clinicians to understand these same points and also look at other issues specific to the UK such as funding for POCT. In addition we also held a focus group in the UK where physicians were able to go more in depth on some of these opportunities and challenges.

Here’s a highlight of what of we found. To learn more and see all of our findings, download the US and UK Reports for FREE below:
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Time is precious
At the center is the patient
Going green
Location, location, location
COVID-19 Testing
But in the end accuracy is key
Focus Group highlights
Focus Group highlights

About these Surveys:

*The third-party online poll of n=400 US (200) and UK (200) clinicians was conducted anonymously between October 7 – 14, 2022. The sample included 400 physicians as self-identified.


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