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The LumiraDx Platform provides high performance
point of care fingerstick testing for NT-proBNP and HbA1c

The importance of access to such testing has been highlighted in the 2023 European Society of Cardiology guidelines in for the management of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes.
Patients with diabetes are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) with heart failure one of its primary manifestations. There is also a high prevalence of undetected diabetes in patients with CVD. With the elevated risk and therapeutic consequences if both comorbidities co-exist the guidelines recommend systematic screening for diabetes in all CVD patients and assessment of all diabetes patients for the risk of CVD.

Patient with Diabetes
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The LumiraDx Platform offers both NT-proBNP and HbA1c testing from a simple fingerstick sample. 

Highly portable Platform
Accurate results in minutes
No phlebotomy required
Room temperature storage